The Rules

Rule 1. Keep an open mind

You may be coming into the event thinking that you only like a certain beer style. I ask you to approach each beer as one you may love! Each beer is made by craftsmen at the top of their trade. Try to pin point various flavors and compare them to earlier beers. Discuss your observations with others (See rules 3 & 4). I promise you that you will learn something new and grow in appreciation.

Rule 2. Take your time

There may be times when you pour a beer from right out of the fridge and absolutley hate it. Don’t stop there! Most beer is best when it’s had a little bit of time to warm up and settle down. I would recommend taking at least 45 minutes to finish each beer (if you have time, of course).

Rule 3. Talk about the beers (on this site!)

Sometimes pinning a word to a flavor is the hardest part of understanding a complex taste. Once you know what to call it, it’s easier to identify. Take the time to write about the beers on the website! The more we share, hopefully the more we learn.

Rule 4. Throw a Beer Advent party

The best way to enjoy beer is with people you love. I’d encourage you to have a couple people over and share that evening’s beer. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends during a busy time of year and relax.